Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bobby Jo's 50s Diner Re-Opening!

When i saw that Southend's best diner had closed due to floor leaks i was gutted, but jumped at the chance of offering them a re-opening cake!

With their baby blue and pink colour theme, and traditional american milkshakes and icecream desserts, i knew i could have alot of fun with this cake.. and i really did! It was my first time doing a two tier cake, and i did struggle a little, but now i know how to do it and what to expect for next time.

The top tier was lemon rind cake, with vanilla buttercream. There is such a HUGE difference in using fresh fruit instead of flavourings, i've definately been converted down the natural route now! The bottom tier was a rich chocolate cake with plenty of dulce de leche filling!

Tony and Jo, the owners, were so welcoming and really loved the cake, which was a huge relief. It was raining when i delivered it, so my partner was frantically looking for a brolly, but not alot of damage was done to it thank God! I think they loved the 'No Wet Floor' sign the most, which was a nice little touch to add!

They offered us a free milkshake (i ordered bubblegum ofcourse!) and a free meal each, which was absolutely gorgeous, and it was so lovely in there that i just can't wait to go again.

But enough of talking, bring on the photos!

All in all it was a really great day, and they've kindly offered to put some business cards up and suggest me to party bookings.. So hopefully there will be more cakes like this in my future!

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